My cat eats weird things. It might be pica

My cat eats weird things. It might be pica

My cat eats weird things

As long as it is not a fruit or a vegetable, cats can virtually eat everything. As a responsible pet owner, you do not give your cat everything you know he would eat. But then you say, “my cat eats weird things” and you ask yourself why.

These weird things include those that are not typically edible, such as plastics, paper, rubber bands, or any other weird stuff. There is an explanation for that and chances are your cat is suffering pica.

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My cat eats weird things. Why?

Pica is known as the voluntary ingestion of non-food items. It not only happens in cats but dogs and humans alike. Some of the weird things that cats eat include tape, yarn, plastic, electrical cords, shoelaces, plants, and paper.

There is not conclusive evidence for the reasons why “my cat eats weird things”, but some scientists believe there is a genetic factor since the condition is more commonly found in the Siamese and Burmese, both oriental cats.

Pica has also been associated with more serious conditions such as leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. It is also been connected to diabetes, brain tumors, mineral deficiency, and others.

Ruling out any medical reason, pica can also be a manifestation of some behavioral or even psychological issues such as boredom, compulsive urges, need for attention, comfort, and anxiety.

What should I do?

Your cat chewing weird things can be dangerous as some of these materials can lodge in their stomach undigested. Also, a cat could eat a poisonous plant, hit the power line if chewing a cord, or eat something that could be potentially hazardous.

Since chewing weird stuff can be the result of an underlying condition, visiting a veterinarian is recommended. The best way to prevent the condition is to have a better relationship with your cat in such a way that he is never bored. Spend some quality time with him and play together.

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