My cat is sick. What should I do if he’s sick with flu

My cat is sick. What should I do?

My cat is sick

Very often, we hear cat owners say, “my cat is sick, what should I do?” The question mostly refers to what kind of special care does a sick cat require. Should I put him inside a box? Should I just let him be? Do I prepare special cat food?

The truth is that the care for a sick cat will depend on what is afflicting him. We are assuming that you already took him to the veterinarian and he is under treatment. What other small things can you do to comfort your cat? Let’s take a look.

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My cat is sick with the flu

Cat flu is very common in cats. You should take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible, especially if he is a kitten. Cats with flu usually develop ulcers and their noses bulge up, so they will not be able to smell and their appetite will not be stimulated. Use the decongestant your vet prescribed and keep his bowl with fresh water.

My cat is sick on his skin

Use an Elizabethan collar to prevent your cat to lick any patch. Place these sore or itchy patches in cool salt water or apply an ice pack. Consider putting socks on its paws to keep him from scratching.

My cat is sick and will not eat

Lack of appetite is a symptom of pretty much all cat diseases. Try to tempt your cat by gently heating the cat food. This will release aroma and hopefully induce hunger. Remove any uneaten food almost immediately as it may make your cat nauseated.


Make sure you have all the medication close to you and create a calendar so that you do not miss any dose. It is useful to enable phone notifications. Follow the veterinarian’s instructions carefully.

Elderly cats develop more long-lasting conditions that require special attention. Always monitor your good old cat, and if things are getting worse faster than better, consider your options. Talk to your veterinarian to consider options, which might include having to say goodbye.

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