Why does my cat roll on his back? Possible reasons

Why does my cat roll on his back?

My cat roll on his back

Cats are known for being able to jump, run, and sprint, but they are not known for being acrobatic. Perhaps not an acrobatic act, but sometimes your cat does funny stuff. Ever wondered, “Why does my cat roll on his back?”

Even more, cats are usually (unfairly) considered typically aloof and lazy. So, watching a cat roll on his back is not exactly a common sight for many. But let’s unravel this mystery of “why does my cat roll around on his back?”

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Body language

Cats are fascinating creatures, to say the least. Except that we usually do not see it because of the fact that we are already accustomed to their presence. But if you stop to think in all the abilities a cat has, he would probably be praised as a superhero.

Our feline friends have to use vocalization and body language to express their opinions. It is no surprise that they acquire weird body postures to send an unusual message. One of those unusual is rolling on their back, a movement that was initially only attributed to dogs.

Why does my cat roll on his back? Possible reasons

There are several theories as to why cats roll on their backs. One can easily tell that catnip could be the culprit because it is designed to lure cats. Others explain that the action is purely to please her itching. This position is post-coital behavior.

Cats probably just enjoy rolling in the grass, just like we humans enjoy a good stretch or even a good back-scratching. When you take a look at the other probably reasons, you see a way of showing submission, calling for attention, or even an invitation to play.

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