Cat wants to leave home. How do I stop him?

Cat wants to leave home. How do I stop him?

Cat wants to leave home

You have an indoor cat and then all of a sudden this cat wants to leave home. To you, that is not an option because he does not his way in the “wild” and you do not want your companion to get lost. Or even worse, get taken by someone who wants to have a nice cat without paying for it.

Now you see him scratching the door, yowling, and tapping at the doorknob. He really wants to go out and it has become a problem if he has changed his behavior and goes to your bedroom door in the middle of the night. So what is causing this and what can you do about it?

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Possible reasons why your cat wants to leave home

One thing that you must know is that most cats get bored, even more than humans. There is a big world out there and your cat has felt a sudden feeling of exploring it. If there is not much to do at your house, he will want to blow off some steam out there.

Statistically, indoor cats tend to live more than outdoor and indoor-outdoor cats. So, take it within your job to keep him entertained. Remember that cats like to climb on high spots to check out their perimeter.

If your cat keeps climbing on the windows and scratching it trying to get out, he probably saw a squirrel or any critter that has been visiting.

Another option could be that there is a feline female out there in heat. Even if you do not even see her, your cat knows that she is roaming the land.

What to do if your cat wants to leave the house

One of the dangers that most cat owners fear about their furry one going outside is getting hit by a car. Here are some vet pieces of advice on how to help keep your indoor cat inside:

  • Rotate the place where you put his food. This will provide him with some variety.
  • Do not give him his favorite toy all the time. It is like this song that you love so much you want to hear it many times until you hate it?
  • Play with your cat once or twice a day. Make him see the benefits of staying inside.

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