My Dog is Peeing in the House. What do I do?

My Dog is Peeing in the House. What do I do?

My Dog is Peeing in the House

We have heard quite some people complain and say, “My dog is peeing in the house!” It happens even with dogs who have already been housebroken. Of course, it is more common with dogs that are still on training and the solution here goes to be patient and use potent cleaners to get rid of the smell.

Dogs mean no evil when they do such things, of course. So, your ‘my dog is peeing in the house‘ should be followed by a “Why is my dog peeing in the house?’ So let’s first get down into mentioning what could the causes be.

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My dog is peeing in the House. Why?

Here are some reasons why your dog might be peeing in the house.

  • He is overexcited! According to behaviorist veterinarians, dogs who show overexcitement and display joyous behavior will happily urinate on the floor, leading to urinating everywhere around the house;
  • Out of fear. Dogs also urinate as a sign of submission. This usually happens when someone reaches over, touches him, or makes him upset. Perhaps sometimes, the interaction with a stranger starts going well, but when it begins to feel dangerous, the dog will urinate as a sign of submission;
  • Poor training. If your dog was not properly taught that the only correct place to urinate is outside, you cannot expect him to do so. Make sure you train him properly;
  • Medical condition. There are so many medical disorders that increase a dog’s urgency and he does not get outside on time. They will just go wherever they are standing;
  • Marking territory. We do not really know why dogs do this for sure but they tend to urinate small amounts in different places in the house. If there are any other pets around, this will make them go and mark territory as well.

My dog is peeing in the house. What should I do?

It is always important that you investigate what is causing stress or anxiety in your dog. Scolding or being violent with your dog is only going to make matters worse. If you suspect of a medical condition, it is best to take them to the veterinarian.

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