How to Play with your Cat: some things to consider

How to Play with your Cat

How to Play with your Cat

You have heard and read everywhere about the importance of playing with your cat. It helps keep the kittie entertained and out of boredom. This also helps strengthen the bond between you and your pet. But you need to know how to play with your catCats have instincts that he needs to vent off. For instance, he probably doesn’t hunt but he has the instinct to do so. You can help him vent that inborn nature of hunting by playing similar games with him. Check out how to play with your cat and not die trying but actually increase the bonding.

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What do cats like to play?

This is the first question you must ask yourself. Cats love to play rapid-motion games. So, if you are using a toy, make sure this one can make a fast and unpredictable movement. 

Cats also like to play with small cat toys the size of a mouse. They also enjoy the squeaky toys but some cats might actually get startled so use with caution. Make sure you have several toys and that you swap them every day. Cats get bored of the same toy easily. In order to increase a cat’s interest on a toy, rub it first with catnip.

Some pointers on how to play with your cat

Some things to consider when playing with your cat:

  • Timing is important. Play with your cat several minutes before feeding time to stimulate a good appetite. A good playtime before going to sleep guarantees a good rest for your cat;
  • Do not play with your fingers. It is fun to have a kitten bite your fingers as you play him with them. When he becomes an adult cat that will not be so fun anymore. Don’t play with your finger by hiding them under a blanket or rug as this can encourage your cat to attack;
  • Let her catch the prey. It is important that you let your cat win. If she is not able to catch the “prey” he will get frustrated and not enjoy the activity.

Enjoying fun times is a great way for you to bond with your cat. In Dogalize, we have everything you need to properly provide for your cat. We have tons of information, resources, and much more. Visit us to learn more.