How to remove the smell of cat pee effectively

How to remove the smell of cat pee effectively

Remove the smell of cat pee

You love your cat’s silky hair, his cute little paws, and his gorgeous whiskers and face. But there is one thing (or maybe a couple more) that come out of your cat that you do not really enjoy. It might be an unwelcome guest that greets you every day you come back from home. Today, we will show you how to remove the smell of cat pee effectively.

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Enzymatic cleaners to remove the smell of cat pee

These kinds of cleaners contain an agent of cultures that absorb the urine, leaving the area free from urine particles. This is especially important since regular cleaners mask the smell. Even if you are not able to perceive it, your cat does, which increases the chances of him going back at it again.

Use a spray of an enzymatic cleaner to not only remove the smell of cat pee but to actually remove the particles of pee. This reduces the chances of your cat going back. You can find these cleaners on your pet store. Just make sure you use it as instructed.

Baking soda’s effectiveness to remove the smell of cat pee

Actually, baking soda will work better than your best air-freshener. Sodium bicarbonate, which makes up baking soda, is great at absorbing odors. You can sprinkle baking soda on your carpet right after you have removed your cat’s urine and the area is completely dried. You can create some special concoctions with dried herbs and baking soda if you wish to replace to odor with something pleasant.

Speaking of cleaning

To effectively clean the area where you sense the smell, use an extracting wet vac. These cleaners spray liquid water into the surfaces and then suck in back dirty water. Use the vac as instructed, and do not use steam as this could actually help the odor stick to the carpet.

Our furry friends mean no harm, but that does not mean it will not stink. Here in Dogalize, we have many other tips and trick for you to take a look at. Follow us here and stay on the loop of new and updated information on cats and cat care.