Dog loves you: still in doubt? Check out these signs

Dog loves you: still in doubt? Check out these signs

Dog loves you

You might think that your dog loves you because you are the one with the treats. But this is not how dogs love. Many even say that we do not deserve them. Check out these 10 signs your dog loves you.

Because very few even come close to loving the way your pooch does. Maybe he does not fully understand it, but that ball of fur is willing to put his own life in the line for you. The following are the signs your dog loves you.

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He wags his tail

It is a known fact that dogs wag their tail when they are feeling happy but it is also a sign of affection. If your dog excitedly spins that tail all around on your sight, he is welcoming you to the pack.

Makes eye contact

Speaking of the sight of you, dogs will usually look at you in the eye. In the canine realm, this is a sign of love and affection. If you are playing with your dog, he might sometimes stop to stare at you straight to the eye. Make sure this comes natural and not forced by you or else you are training your dog not to stare at you.

The eyebrows game

According to a study in Japan, there is more to a dog’s expression than meets the eye. Next time, check on your dog’s eyebrows to find out how they lift their eyebrows when they see you. If they do, this is a sign of love towards you.

He leans against you

When a dog leans against you, he might having a mix of emotions. He might be anxious, worried, sick, or simply wants to feel protected. This is also a sign of love and affection.

Steals your clothes

Yes it is annoying, especially because dogs don’t clean after they have made a mess with our clothes. What a dog wants is to get closer to as many things that remind him of you.

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