Cats eat: what are some strange things cats eat?

What are some strange things cats eat?

Strange things cats eat

Cats are carnivores and they will only eat meat and meat products. Wrong! If you thought you knew your cat and everything involved in their diet, maybe you want to think twice. There is a comprehensive list of strange things cats eat.

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What other strange things cats eat that is not meat?

This list includes some things that are not within the realm of meat. Maybe you were at the kitchen one time cutting a watermelon when you accidentally dropped a small piece. Then your feline companion sprinted towards it and eats it joyfully while you stand there gobsmacked. Some people might think that there is something wrong with their cats, but you do not need to worry. This is only some strange things cat eat.

It turns out that cats, besides being attracted to proteins, are also attracted to shapes and textures. If they are right, a cat will eat them even if it is not meat. So, perhaps your cat was attracted to the watermelon not because of its sweet flavor but because of its freshwater content.

Some other strange things cats eat that are not food

Some other cats are also attracted to stuff that is not food, like plastic and paper. The explanation that experts offer to this behavior is that cats enjoy the sound plastic makes when they chew on it and may also be attracted to the animal protein used in the elaboration of plastic bags.

The habit of eating paper is known as pica and it could be caused by some neurological disorder or other medical condition. It becomes necessary then, to consult with your veterinarian.

You must be careful what your cat eats that is not food as this could result in a trip to the vet due to intestinal obstruction.

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