Things you did Not Know About your Dog

Things you did Not Know About your Dog

Things you did Not Know About your Dog

Do you think you know everything there is to know about your canine friend? Are you ready to get to know him even better? Check out these things you did not know about your dog!

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Cool things you did not know about your dog

  • Dogs, like people, dream. That leg-twitching probably means that he is dreaming of chasing that squirrel. But then he runs and hits a wall and, bam! He wakes up
  • Humans have fingerprints, dogs have noses. No two dog noses are exactly equal
  • Dogs do have sweat glands. These are located on their paws. However, to cool themselves off, dogs rely more on their open mouth
  • Puppies are born blind and deaf
  • Do you love to hug your pooch? Your dog? Not so much
  • When dogs drink water, they bend their tongue backward to form a small “cup” to draw the water into their mouth
  • Dogs can see in the dark thanks to a special membrane on their eyes called tapetum lucidum
  • Dogs have around 18 muscles responsible for ear movement
  • A colorblind dog is a myth. Dogs can actually see colors such as yellows and blues
  • The dog’s body temperature is higher than ours. They are at 38 – 39 degrees Celsius
  • When adult, a dog has 42 teeth

Awesome things you did not know about your dog

  • Dogs share a common ancestor with bears, raccoons, and wolves. It’s the Miacis, a weasel-like animal that lived 40 million years ago
  • The first sense that dogs develop is touch
  • When one dog puts their limb over another one, this means dominance. They will sometimes pee over the submitted one
  • Dogs can hear, smell, and feel changes in weather way before us. Remember your dog barking a lot before that big storm hit town?
  • The most common breed of dog is the Labrador
  • Tiny dogs can hear sounds in a higher range than bigger dogs
  • When dogs dig holes, they are actually marking territory with their paw scent

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