Cat healthy: tips for Keeping your cat healthy and happy

Cat healthy: tips for Keeping your cat healthy and happy

Cat healthy and happy

A healthy cat is a happy cat. A happy cat is one that will not cause you any troubles whatsoever. We know that you go beyond and above to provide for your feline companion. Check out these tips for keeping your cat healthy and happy.

Why is keeping your cat healthy important? For starters, he keeps you healthy by reducing your chances to get heart disease and reducing stress and anxiety. Plus, he makes a great companion.

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Keeping your cat healthy is important

If you want to keep your cat as healthy as he can get, follow these guidelines:

  • The first step to a healthy life is a healthy diet. The main ingredient in your cat’s diet must be meat. We have not yet heard of a healthy vegetarian cat. It’s just not in their needs. Cat food must be free of soy, grains, and fillers. Treats are fine in good measure;
  • Take your cat to regular checkups. The standard is twice or at least once a year. If your cat has health issues or is older than 15 years, he should go more frequently;
  • A clean litter box is as important to your cat as a clean bathroom is for you. Make sure you pick the right one for him to use;
  • Cats will groom themselves but if they are long-haired, they will need some trimming. If he is an indoor cat, he will need his claws to be trimmed as well.

Keeping your cat happy is equally important

  • Fun activities with your cat helps him kill boredom, allows him to channel his instincts, and keeps him in shape. Plus, it is a great opportunity to bond with your cat so invest on playtime with your kittie;
  • Make sure he gets a comfy bed to rest on;
  • Let your cat roam freely around the house and do not force affection if he is not in the mood;
  • Get him a scratching post and allow him to get to high spots. Cats like high places from where they can scan the entire room.

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