Cat is sick: let’s see how to tell if your cat is sick

Cat is sich: how to tell if your cat is sick

Cat is sick

If you have ever wondered how to tell if your cat is sick, read on. Many times, a sick cat does not look like one right away. Learn to identify one because the faster you do, the greater the chances of recovery.

Cats enjoy the life we dream of. Unfortunately, this lush life of eating, playing, and sleeping gets interrupted when he becomes ill. Knowing how to tell your cat is sick from signals is very helpful.

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Changes in behavior

The most perceptible symptoms that something is going on are those that involve a change in behavior. Check out for the following signals:

  • Your cat is sleeping more. Check him for a period of about 48 hours. If on the second day you notice he is sleeping more than usual, then you should take him to the veterinarian;
  • Check for behavioral change regarding his cat litter box. Verify how often he is using the litter and what is the physical state of his stools;
  • Pay attention to your cat’s appetite. If you notice that your cat is not eating normally, this is usually a red flag;
  • Check for weight. If a cat shows signs of rapid weight loss, he must be taking to the vet immediately;
  • Examine the cat’s hair. A sick cat will not groom their hair. So, what once was shiny, glossy, and beautiful is matted, dull, and tangled.

How to tell if your cat is sick from their symptoms

If none of the above seem too detectable, maybe you want to try with the symptoms, which tend to be more evident. But what to look for?

Here in Dogalize, we want all pets to be safe and sound. This is why we have a nice compilation of some trips and tricks for you to check out. Next time you ask yourself how to tell if your cat is sick, you will bear witness that there was some effort required.  Visit us, take a look around, and welcome to the family.