Cat’s whiskers: interesting things you did not know

Cat's whiskers: interesting things you did not know

Cat’s whiskers

There are only so many things we wonder about cat’s whiskers. Why do they have them? Do they hold any survival importance for the cat? Let’s explore these interesting things you did not know about your cat’s whiskers.

These thick hairs rooted on your feline’s cheeks are more than meets the eye and are mysteriously fascinating. You may have not set to think how important they actually are for a cat and are much more than a facial ornament.

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They are some in other places

Cats have eight to twelve whiskers on their face but this is not the only place where they have them. They can also be found on his chin, above the eyes, and on the backs of the lower front legs.

Cat whiskers are especially sensitive

The whiskers are more deeply rooted into the cat’s skin than regular hair. These roots are supplied by a large number of nerves and supply. This makes the whiskers very sensitive, so much that they can detect even the slightest change in the direction of breeze air. Because of this, coming into contact with things with the whiskers can cause discomfort and even pain.

They help assess if the cat will fit through

In general, the length of the whiskers is as the cat is wide. So, when a cat gets to a narrow space, he will first determine if the fits based on how well his whiskers do. Now, there is no evidence as to what will happen to the whiskers if a cat grows fatter.

Cat’s whisker are an indicator of her mood

If you are a good observer, you can notice that whiskers can be an indicator of a cat’s current mood. When calm, the cat’s whiskers will be sticking out sideways, relaxed. If they are flattened and to the back, she is angry or scared and if they are pushed forward, it means that she is alert and excited.

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