My dog follows me everywhere I go: 5 reasons why

My dog follows me everywhere I go: 5 reasons why

My dog follows me everywhere

It is not a shadow or a figment of your imagination. It is your dog right there next to you. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “why is it that my dog follows me everywhere?” The answer to that question is in his genes.

If you have an outdoor dog living in the porch you notice that your dog immediately runs towards you. If you sit, he will settle down right there where you are. You know that he is waiting for you to show some love. Let’s explore five reasons that answer the questions “why my dog follows me everywhere?”

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They like the positive reinforcement

If a dog knows that following you will result in a positive reinforcement, they will follow suit. They do this because they know you are the source of food and treats. In other words, there is a strong bond that was paired through time over a great amount of reinforcement.


An egg hatches and the tiny goose is searching for his mother. The first living thing he sees and receives him, automatically becomes his mother. Biologists call this process imprinting. So, this baby goose will follow his mother everywhere.

Puppies are also capable of imprinting. They will recognize you as their mother and follow you everywhere. This process occurs within the first twelve weeks of life.

Dogs like companionship

This is perhaps the most obvious one. Dogs have created this bond with humans during the process of domestication. They prefer the companion of their human friends.

The breed factor

Some dog breeds have been dubbed “Velcro dogs” because they instinctively stick to their owner. Dogs that have been bred for centuries to work alongside people will more easily become Velcro dogs.

Attention seekers

Sometimes your dog is requiring your attention and stick to you to the point where you might trip on them. It probably is his feeding time or wants you to play with him.

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