Dogs and cold: mistakes to avoid and what to do

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Dogs and cold

Dogs and cold are not necessarily at odds. When the temperature out there is around 0 degrees, you should take some measures to protect your pooch. Check out this section of dogs and cold: mistakes to avoid. If you live in the cold or have eventual winter weather, check out what it is that you are doing wrong.

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Assume that your dog is doing fine in the cold

Yes, most of them have thick fur and a thick skin. This does not mean they are impervious to cold. If you are feeling very cold outside, then chances are your dog is feeling too cold to be outside too. A dog can suffer from hypothermia or frostbite when the temperature drops too low. It is best to keep him indoors during the chilling weather.

Not checking your dog’s feet after a snow walk

If snow gets stuck between the toes it could bring harm to your dog. Always check his paws when you come back from a walk in the snow. But not only can chunks of ice harm your pet, but there could also be chemicals, like snow salt, that your dog might lick when ice melts.

Not putting winter clothes on your pet

Some dogs are able to withstand cold conditions because of their build and breed. Others, however, are not conceived to stay out in the cold unscathed. If you are taking a dog not bred for the winter out in the snow, you should put him under warm clothes.

Leaving the dog alone close to the fireplace

To stay warm and cozy during the winter, house owners will create spaces with fire and candles. Usually, a fireplace is filled with log and fire. These practices are not bad at all. However, make sure you can keep your dog in check whenever he is close to the fire. For his safety and your own.

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