Going on a road trip with your cat? Here’s what you should know

Going on a road trip with your cat? Here's what you should know

Going on a road trip with your cat

Before you hit the road for that road trip with your cat, make sure you make the necessary arrangements. Traveling with a cat takes some previous preparations and it is not the same as bringing in a dog. Take a look at all these simple tips for going on a road trip with your cat.

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First road trip with your cat?

All right, so here’s what you need to fathom. You are about to lock in yourself with your cat in a closed environment. He has probably never been in your car, so chances are he will not be comfortable.

This is why it is important to get the cat accustomed to the cat. Bring him in and have him smell and explore everything in it. Assuming that your trip is rather long, this will help him ease in during the actual trip.

Take care of his tummy

Offer cat food to your cat at least three hours before getting in the car. Allow him to go into the cat litter box right after he eats. If you believe that your cat will get motion sickness if he eats while the car is moving, don’t feed him within 8 hours prior to the trip.

Tag and microchip

Don’t risk losing your cat on the road or on stops. He might get spooked and just run away. If he is already wearing a chip, make sure the information is up to date. You might normally not have your cat wear cat collars while he is traveling so make sure he is covered if he were to stray away.

Safety first

When going on a road trip with your cat, always put safety first. Keep him strapped and do not allow him to roam around the car. He could accidentally fall on you, which might be dangerous while driving.

Keep the windows rolled up or put him on straps or at least a leash if you do not want to have your windows all up. It is not healthy for a cat to stick his head off a window.

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