Meowing cats might seem adorable but when is it too much?

Meowing cats might seem adorable but when is it too much?

Meowing cats

We have learned that meowing cats only do so when they want to call their human’s attention. Cats do not use the meowing to communicate among themselves. These creatures probably tried to talk to us but a meow was the best they could get.

But when is a meowing cat too much? If you live in a building, this excessive meowing can easily disturb your neighbors.

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My meowing cat is driving me crazy!

There are several reasons why a cat will excessively meow. We can count the following:

  • To seek attention. Cats actually do not like to be alone for too much time. He will usually meow at you while he rubs himself against your leg to incite some play time or simply wants to talk. Either way, do not respond to your cat’s excessive meowing. Ignore him and when he is quiet then you proceed to play with him;
  • When they are sick. Many cat diseases can result in a cat’s excessive meowing cat. A meowing cat becomes excessively vocal if they have a kidney disease, for example;
  • They want food. Cats will usually meow at anyone who gets inside the kitchen to see if they can get a bite. They will usually meow when the time to eat is nigh. To stop your cat, do not feed him when he meows, but until he stays quiet;
  • He is stressed. New and unexpected situations like having a new member in the family, or moving furniture or into a new house, the death of a loved one, can lead to a very vocal cat. Try to find out what is stressing your meowing cat and help him adjust to the change;
  • Cats in heat. If a cat wants to breed because they are not spayed or neutered, you can expect a lot of noise. Females yowl loudly when they are in heat and male cats yowl when they smell them. Spay or neuter your cat to prevent this.

Other causes

Try to figure out what is causing your cat to meow in excess and train him accordingly. Other reasons why your cat’s meows could be:

  • To greet you
  • Because he spends alone too much time
  • Cognitive dysfunction due to aging

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