No bark collars: type and how do they work

No bark collars: type and how do they work

No bark collars

No bark collars are basically training collars designed to refrain a dog from barking unnecessarily. Every time the dog barks, a vibration-activated sensor triggers an unpleasant stimulus to the dog, signaling him that this is an unwanted behavior. Are no bark collars a good idea and do they really work? Let’s take a look.

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Type of no bark collars

Let us begin by describing the three basic types of no bark collars. There are three types available and they are:

  • Citronella collar. This collar releases a citronella-flavored spray when the dog begins to bark incessantly. Citronella is known to be unpleasant to dogs so this should deter the dog from barking once he realizes that it triggers the unpleasant odor;
  • Shock collar. These are the collars that basically are to blame for no bark collars bad rep. They have two electrodes that touch your dog’s throat. Usually, when the dog barks for the first time, it sends a mild shock, but then it increases in intensity if the dog does not stop. These collars usually come with several intensities. You can test the shock on your hand before putting it on your dog if you are concerned about the shock your dog will get;
  • Ultrasonic collar. This collar sends a very high-pitched and unpleasant sound that deters your dog from barking.

Are no bark collars a good idea?

Those who sell the collars clam that the collars bring no harm to your dog. However, the stimulus they produce are not pleasant to the dog so it is not fun at all. They would not mind about consequences if they did not hurt.

There are divided opinions on whether the collars are a good idea or not. Some experts advise against them because they bring suffering to the dog. There are no reports of dogs getting permanent damage due to a no bark collar. The truth is that there are alternative ways of keeping a dog from barking. This, however, raises the question of if it is a good idea to supress a natural instinct from a dog.

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