Road trip with your dog? Here’s what you should know

Road trip with your dog? Here's what you should know

Road trip with your dog

You and your dog must be really excited about your upcoming trip. But as you probably already know, going on a road trip with your dog requires some special preparations and cautions. But you need not to worry, we have some tips for you to make this a safe and enjoyable adventure.

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Look for dog-friendly locations

Before hitting the road, check out what places are dog-friendly. Sadly, not all of them are so it pays off to be prepared ahead of time. Remember that you should stop for bathroom breaks, stores, and restaurants. You can check our websites or map apps that identify those places that will allow you to go in with your pooch.

Essentials for a road trip with your dog

Do not forget to bring all the doggy essentials to your trip with you. Use this checklist:

  • Your dog’s regular food
  • Dog bowl
  • Dog collar, tag, and leash
  • A kennel
  • Poop bags
  • Medication (if it applies)
  • Favorite dog toys
  • Dog bed and blankets

Safety first

There are several reasons why you should not let your dog roam around in the car. One, for his own safety, he must be secured in the car, just like you would do with a baby or a toddler. Second, he might jump on you to play, which might be dangerous while you are driving. It is best if you restrain your dog in your car.

Do not roll down the windows of your car unless your dog is strapped, otherwise, you are risking him jumping off the car. It is important that he keeps his head inside the car at all times. The wind from the running car can hurt his eyes and ears.

Take your dog’s biological cycles into consideration

Remember that your dog has physiological needs and you will need to stop if this is a very long trip. It is wise to not feed your dog right before a very long trip. Try to feed him a light meal 3-4 hours before departure.

Also, bring a first-aid kit with you just in case of an eventuality in the middle of the road.

What a fun adventure will this road trip with your dog be! Remember to check in here in Dogalize for more tips and tricks on how to best care for your pooch. Visit us and check out everything we have in store for you.