Dogs and children in the open air are a good combination

Dogs and children in the open air are a good combination

Dogs and children

When you think of dogs and children in the open air, you picture them both having the fun of a lifetime outdoors. The truth is that both of them get benefits from the interaction. You know about therapy dogs who effectively help children with some type of social discomfort or limitation. Studies have shown that there are many benefits in having a child interact with a four-legged furry friend.

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Dogs and children in the open air are a good combination

We already know the benefits of having your kids play outside in the sun as opposed to having them play video games locked in their room. It has been proven that kids who develop in the open have less difficulty developing meaningful social relationships in the future.

Now, add a dog to the mix and you increase the benefits. This is especially true for an only child. Some parents’ main concern of having dogs and children in the open air is the risk that the dog might attack the kid all of a sudden. There is no chance for this to happen. Not if the dog has been raised appropriately. Here in Dogalize, you will find countless resources that will help you bring up a well-rounded dog.

Benefits of having a dog for children

Your human child will get most of the benefits from an interaction with a dog. The following are only some of them.

  • Many experts agree that there is no better way for a child to deal with stress than with a loving pet. Dogs have the drive to bust stress on a child.
  • A dog will never judge a kid, even if he does something wrong.
  • Dogs actually lure kids to go outside since they need to be walked outside.
  • Boys get the chance to develop nurturing skills, which are usually not well-developed in them. It is ok to be affectionate and express such affection.
  • Kids can be taught accountability by having them feed and take care of the dog.

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