Why find dogs for sale if you can adopt?

Why find dogs for sale if you can adopt?

Dogs for sale

So you are planning on getting yourself your new best friend. Many things cross your mind, obviously. You get advice from friends on the pros and cons. You have seen dogs for sale online as well as adoption center. Now, there is usually a reason for you to get yourself a dog. Maybe you just need company, or need  guard dogs to keep strangers away, or you simply want to enjoy having a four-legged, barking, burping, fart – and poop-producing being around the house.

Now, regardless of what the reason for you getting a dog is, wanting to have one is not enough reason to actually get one. There are other factors that you must consider.

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Are you ready for a dog?

Some people say that having a dog is like having a kid at home. Only that, unlike the kid, the dog will usually depend on you for all his life. So, questions you should ask yourself before getting a dog are:

  • Can I afford a dog?
  • Do I have time to take him for walks, play with him, etc?
  • Is my home big enough?
  • Am I willing to live with dog hair, a bit of a mess, or chewed things?
  • Will I train him?
  • Can you answer “yes” to all these questions every day?

Do you know where to get dogs for sale?

Here’s the thing about dogs for sale: most of the time, these dogs are obtained from a “backyard” breeder or from a mill. Pet stores cannot guarantee that the dog you are buying is guaranteed not to have any genetic condition that makes it prone to dog diseases.  But then, if you really want a pooch to love, you will tend to overlook this.

Finding the right dog

The American Kennel Club recognizes 189 dog breeds and the UK Kennel Club recognizes 217. This seems to make the choice a bit hard, doesn’t it? Now, of course, if you are on a budget, you will probably find some breeds more affordable than others. But this should not be the only aspect to influence your choice. Here in Dogalize you can find information on many dog breeds to help you decide.

Why find dogs for sale if you can adopt?

Ok, so we will drop this as it is. In Dogalize, we enforce you to adopt instead of buying. If you do an online search for dogs for sale, you will probably land unto adoption agencies frowning upon you for wanting to buy instead of adopting. We do believe that adopting a dog is a great choice. We do not believe, though, that adopting guarantees a dog free of disease or genetic predisposition, for instance, if that is what you are looking for.

If you look for a reputable adoption center that guarantees you a purebred with a pedigree chart and all, you will probably find that it comes with a price. You might eventually find yourself “paying” for it in the long run due to paperwork and the similar.

Also, when you see a dog store with pets for sale and you are strong anti-buying, you can’t stop to think it is not the dog´s fault he was put on sale. Just like a dog at a kennel gets happy when you adopt him, so will one at a pet store when you buy him. Either you buy him or adopt him, this dog will love you for putting him out of his 3″ x 4″ cage. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

In Dogalize, we have information on respected adoption homes where you can find your best friend. We also have a lot of resources for you to check out.