Leaving your cat alone: read this before leaving her

Leaving your cat alone: read this before leaving her

Leaving your cat alone

If you are leaving your cat alone, there are certain things that you need to consider. It does not seem like cats need much care and they can do home alone just fine. But how much time is good enough? Can you leave them alone for one day, more days, a week?

Cats seem to enjoy their time alone and many times might not even notice that you are gone. But you would be surprised to know how much they actually get to realize.

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Leaving your cat alone for how long?

There are so many things to take into consideration if you will be leaving your cat alone at home. First, consider the length of time that your cat will be staying solo inside. This will depend on his habits and personality. Other things to factor in are age, health, and environment.

The following table is a rough estimate based on age:

Age                                                         Alone time

Under 4 months                                   2-4 hours

4-5 months                                           5 hours

6 months                                               8 hours

Grown-up                                             24-48 hours

Please note that this table is an estimate of the maximum amount of time they can be left alone.  If you will be leaving him alone any more than that, it is important that you get someone to go check on them and refill their food and water.

Getting the place ready when leaving your cat alone

If a cat is left alone for too many long hours, he will surely become bored and will try to kill that boredom. This usually does not end well.

But let us begin with the basics. Make sure your cat has all the essentials: cat food, water, a clean cat litter and a safe place to sleep. Remove any poisonous objects or pointy edges from the house.

Next, work on things that will keep him entertained. Check on the cat toys, scratch posts, and set a TV or sound system to play music. You can take advantage of all the technological tools you can find out there.