Meat for dogs: is meat everything a dog need?

meat for dogs

Meat for dogs: can I feed him meat only?

Meat for dogs – There are a number of dog feeders who foolishly insist that meat is the one thing a pet should ever be fed. Meat alone is totally insufficient for a dog. The foremost deficiency in a eating regimen of meat is its lack of calcium. lf the meat is trimmed of fat there may be also a deficiency in energy. There are quite a few different deficiencies, however none as dramatic as these two.

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Hundreds of tons of horse and beef meat are used every year in producing industrial dog mealsLots of tons extra are fed as a complement to industrial meals or in home-made rations.

Dog diet: When fed as an addition to industrial meals, meat could be added as much as 10% of the weight of the mixture. When added in any higher quantities, it is going to not be balanced or enough. When used as the only source of protein in a home-made ration, meat should represent at the very least 25% of the overall weight of the eating regimen. Nevertheless, home-made rations should ever contain greater than 75%.

All meats – except pork – may be fed to a dog both cooked or uncooked, however will normally furnish extra nourishment within the raw state. Nutritional vitamins are destroyed by the warmth of cooking. Fat is also pushed out of meat during cooking, and it is going to become lost as a power supply. The only real justification for feeding a dog cooked meat in a selfmade ration is because it’s pork, or because the dog doesn’t like uncooked meat. Few dogs have a real dislike for uncooked meat.

The nature of the animal from which the meat comes from, doesn’t appear to be too important. Nutritionally, most proteins from completely different animals appear to be equal. For years it was contended by some dog owners that pork couldn’t be fed to dogs. Feeding experiments do not discover this to be true. In reality, pork liver might be the most nutritious livers generally accessible to the dogs. The only restriction whith pork is that it has to be cooked.