Cat bleeding: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

cat bleeding


Cat bleeding: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cat bleeding – Cat bleeding can happen due to several reasons and in different ways. They can bleed from the ear, anus, wounds, urine, mouth, or nose. Knowing how to treat a cat bleeding is important to avoid a hemorrhage that can lead to shock.

Cat bleeding – Causes of Cat Bleeding

The cause for bleeding will depend on the area she is bleeding from. Anal bleeding, for instance, could be caused by a tumor or polyp in the anus or colon. This type of bleeding is usually serious and will need you to take your kittie to the vet.

Trauma to the ear can cause cat bleeding and some mite infestation as well. When a cat bleeds from the mouth, it could be due to gingivitis, gum disease or a strange body lodged in the patient’s mouth. This could also be a result of an injury to the teeth, mouth, or tongue.

An injury from hitting something nose first may cause it to bleed. If the nose bleeding does not stop, it could be caused by something more serious.

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Cat bleeding: What to Do if Your Cat is Bleeding

One of the first reactions to seeing blood gushing out of our pets is to lose it a bit. The first thing then would be to stay calm and look where the bleeding originates. If it is a surface scratch, you can easily clean it with a gauze or a clean cloth.

If the injury looks severe and the bleeding is abundant, take your cat to the veterinarian immediately.

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