Cat loves you: these are the signs your cat loves you

Cat loves you: these are the signs your cat loves you

Cat loves you

Feline affection is not necessarily something that we are accustomed to. When we think of cats, we think of introverts that have no intention of loving anyone, even if they are served like gods. But there are signs your cat loves you that you should be able to read and interpret. A cat might not be able to put his life in the line for you, but in their own way, they do love you and not only because you are the one with the food and treats.

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Tail Twitching

This is a classic within the signs your cat loves you. A cat’s tail displays an array of emotions. It puffs when the cat is angry, scared, or agitated. Sometimes they twitch their tail at the tip when they see you. This means that you are a special one.

Headbutts and cheek rubs

A loving cat will usually approach the one he loves with a headbutt. That is his equivalent of a hug and it represents a strengthening of the bond between you and him. Very close to a headbutt is a cheek rub. Your cat does this to establish that you belong to him.

Belly up

Rolling on the floor and going belly up is something a cat will do when he trusts those around him and perceives no threat at all. If your cat rolls down belly up for you, this means that he feels loved and protected.

Licking your hair

Cats will lick the hair of the members of the pack as part of their appreciation and love. So, if you feel that furball licking on your hair, early in the morning, consider yourself honored.

Bringing gifts

Yes, this includes a dead mouse neatly placed next to your pillow. Despite being a domesticated cat, their instinct still compels them to hunt. When they have had success they want to share the spoils with those he loves. So even if you do not necessarily appreciate the gift, praise him and thank him for his friendship.

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