Cat cardboard tank: What is Up With That?

Cat cardboard tank

Cat Cardboard Tank: What is Up With That?

Cat cardboard tank – Cats love to get themselves inside boxes. It is altogether funny. But the cat in a cardboard tank is just plain hilarious. But where did that come from?

Technically, you can build your own cardboard thank and have your cat “drive” it. But hey, don’t torture the little guy, ok.

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Cat Cardboard Tank: It is as Funny as It Gets

So, basically, the cat in a cardboard tank is any photo of a cat inside a tank made of cardboard. Yep, it is that hilarious.

Technically, this is simply a cat inside a box shaped like a tank. Why is this wise-cracking? Well, because it pertains the kings of the Internet: cats!

Cat Cardboard Tank: The Manga

Now, it turns out that the Cat in a Cardboard Tank is also the title of a manga. The plot is actually interesting.

The main character Ji Seungwoo lost his 22-year companion Winter and is deeply sad. But one day, he found a little kitten inside a box at his doorstep. He takes the kittie in.

The next morning, when he wakes up, there is no longer a kittie there with him but instead, there is a grown-up man. The story develops through the relationship between Mr. Cat and Seungwo.

You can find this manga on the Internet for free online.

Cat Cardboard Tank: make your own cat in a cardboard tank

You can have fun and joke with your cat but being careful. Cats actually enjoy getting themselves in boxes as a manifestation of their protective instinct. But some might not have much fun in being secluded inside a box.

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