Cat coughing meme: Everything you need to know about

Cat coughing meme

Cat coughing meme: Everything you need to know about

Cat coughing meme – If you see it, you’ll crack! Seriously. The cat coughing meme is just another proof that cats are the kings of the Internet.

But what is it and where did it come from? Let’s make a thorough study of what the cat coughing meme is about. Because this is the kind of thing we should be talking about!

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Cat coughing meme – The Origin of the Cat Coughing Meme

It all started on November 27th, 2018. The Instagram account Idascreatures posted the photo of this cat, wide-eyed and tongue out. The image could either be the funniest thing you’ve seen or the scariest one.

But the image went viral when Twitter user aliahgeyes tweeted the same image with the caption “This is how little kids cough.” To this day, the tweet has over 202,000 retweets and over 634,000 likes.

Users then wrote hundreds of comments where they validated the claim with actual photos or videos of little kids coughing.

Cat coughing meme – How to Use The Cat Coughing Meme

Well, that is a tough one. The cat coughing meme became very popular because it resonated with people almost instantly. Plus, it is funny. You can take funny cat picture! People would see it and go, “hahaha, that is so true!” and they would grab their phones and try to have their sick baby brother, baby cousin, baby child or any other child that was sick for that matter and tape him.

Some users managed to capture a little kid coughing. People who watched them definitely crack and it all turned to be a good time.

How to use the meme? Just send it whenever you want to show someone that you are under the weather and cannot make it to work. Or just use it for fun.

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