Cat hunting: Explaining this cat instinctive behavior

cat hunting

Cat hunting – You have provided a home, a litter, food, and water for your cat. Hence, there is no need for cat hunting, now is it? Still, you see your domestic cat bring you a dead mouse or bird as a trophy hunt, just like all other wild cats types…

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Cat hunting: Why does the cat hunt?

Cat hunting – So, you cannot explain why your domestic cat feels the need for hunting. As it turns out, hunting skills did not get removed from your kittie during the domestication process. She will still feel the need to go after mice, frogs, birds, and basically anything that is small enough to grab.

As ironic as it might seem, it was this cat hunting behavior that brought humans and felines together. Their ability to hunt mice in crop fields made them welcome into human homes. Prolific cat hunters quickly became very valuable and their offspring sold for large amounts of money.

Cat hunting: Can you Stop your Cat from Hunting?

Cat hunting – As unfortunate as it might be, the cat hunting instinct will not go away. However, there are some things that you can do to reduce the number of times he goes hunting.

  • Keep your cat indoors during the hours of dusk and dawn. These are the times in which rodents and other small vermin usually roam. Birds will have to stay away all day, though.
  • Feed your cat properly so that he does not need to go out hunting. Make sure you follow the package instructions on the amount that your cat needs.
  • Play with your cat games that mimic hunting. This might put the hunting instinct at ease. Pick a toy that is small enough to simulate a rodent.
  • In case you have not heard, there is this thing called a catbib, which is designed to prevent your cat from catching birds and small animals.

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