Cat losing teeth: Why is your cat Losing Teeth?

Cat losing teeth

Cat losing teeth: Why is your cat Losing Teeth?

Cat losing teeth – A cat losing teeth is not very common to see because cats are not too flashy about their pearls, unlike dogs. If he is a kitten, your cat losing teeth is a normal occurrence.

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Cat losing teeth: the first teeth

The milk or deciduous teeth erupt from a cat’s gum during weeks 3 and 4. These teeth are clear and sharp, which makes the milking process pretty painful for mom. By the time the kitten is 3 to 4 months, these milk teeth begin to fall.

When the cat has reached 9 months, all his teeth have been replaced by the permanent set of 30: four canines, 12 incisors, 10 premolars and four molars. These will help the cat chew on stuff for the rest of his life.

Cat losing teeth: Why is my cat losing teeth?

There are several reasons why a cat will lose teeth when they are not supposed to. But overall, unless the cat suffered an accident or tried to chew something hard, teeth loss is due to oral disease.

The most common oral disease in cats is periodontal or gum disease. Plaque, a bacterial film forming around the teeth, mixes with bits of food and saliva. This causes a buildup known as tartar. If left untreated, this tartar may cause gum irritation.

This irritation then causes irritation and inflammation around the gums, ligaments, and bones supporting the teeth. This causes the separation and loosening of the teeth.

Symptoms of a cat losing teeth

Besides the actual tooth loss, an oral disease may have some symptoms that you want to check out. One of the first things you will notice a foul odour. He will salivate excessively, lick himself a lot, and appear not being able to close his mouth. His appetite decreases as he finds it very difficult and painful to eat. The veterinarian will examine for mouth lesions or discoloured teeth.

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