Cat Pools: Some Pool Safety Tips for Cats

Cat Pools

Cat Pools: Some Pool Safety Tips for Cats

Cat pools – Cats are not traditionally water lovers but some of them do enjoy a plunge and the freshness. Cat pools are not very common either but if you find yourself with a water critter, it is important to follow some safety precautions.

For starters, don’t force a cat into the water. It is not within their nature and they do not really enjoy it, mostly. They love just cat water fountain!

Cat Pools and Swimming

Perhaps the first thing to do is to teach your cat how to swim. Teaching your feline how to manage on the water can save his life.

Before bringing a cat to the pool, drench yourself with patience. Remember that swimming is not second nature in cats. Very gently, introduce him to the water. Instinctively, he will start paddling. Carry him on your arms until you believe is safe for him to go by his own.

Cat Pools Do Not Have Chemicals

Maybe taking your feline for a swim at the public pool is not the best idea. These pools usually have chlorine and other harmful substances. These can negatively affect their sensitive skin.

But if cat pools are not available, make sure you keep him from drinking the pool water. Keep a bowl of fresh water on the shade for him to drink. Once he’s done with his refreshing session, dry him thoroughly to remove any chemical.

Place a Pet Ramp

This is important to always important in order to allow the cat to come out of the pool whenever he sees fit. Plus, it is also a good idea in case the cat accidentally falls into the water.

Consider a Life Vest

A life floating vest will keep kittie afloat. But do not leave your cat unattended, even with a vest on. Also, consider that vests can make the day hotter so beware of any sign of overheating: drooling, panting, sweaty feet, and excessive grooming to make himself cooler.

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