Cat years: convert them to human years easily

cat years

Cat years – We seem to know a lot about dog years and how to convert them to human years. For decades we have made calculations to know how old in human years a dog is. But what about cats? How do you convert cat years to human years? Cats certainly live more than dogs in average.

One common misconception is that cats age seven human years per every cat year. But there is so much more to it since cats sprout during their earlier years and then go steady as they grow older. Besides, you cannot calculate aging the same way for an indoor cat than for a stray cat.

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Cat years: Some indicators of a cat’s age

Cat years – Trying to determine a human’s age is not that difficult and we can easily get a rough idea. In the case of cats, it is not that simple. If you have adopted a cat or taken in a stray, you will need to look for some indicators.

  • Teeth. These are indicators of teeth. Usually, older cats have more yellowish teeth stains than a younger one, especially if the older one was not given proper dental care. A kitten does not fully develop all his teet but until before he is 1 year old (a cat losing teeth is worth looking at).
  • Coat. The coat of old cats tends to be coarse. Some older cats might even have some white or grey spots.
  • Muscle ton. Older cats may have some extra skin hanging due to years of activity and look bonier than younger ones due to the gradual loss of muscle tone.

Cat years: How to easily convert cat years to human years

Cat years – Straight up, a 1-year old cat is equivalent to a 15-year old teenager. Are we saying that to convert cat years to human years, you simply multiply by 15? Absolutely not. Here’s the reason why.

During the first two years of his feline life, a cat is developing to become an adult. For both indoor and outdoor cats, the first two feline years will be equivalent to 24 human years. After that, the aging process becomes more steady and tends to break apart between indoor and outdoor cats.

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