Cat pranks: the funniest to play on your cat!

cat pranks

All right, we are not for playing your cat and traumatizing or scarring him for life. Like that dumb trend of placing a cucumber behind him. But if your siblings are not around to play with, you can play a cat prank on your feline friend. We have made a fun list of some purr-fect cat pranks that will even make your cat laugh.

Cat pranks: Got many cats? Prank them all!

Ever seen the video where the owner comes with a dish and cats are all hungry-meowing at him? Imagine the surprise when the cats start trying to chew at anything! Now, you can try this cat prank but then treat your cats for real afterward if you do not want to fall in disgrace within the feline courts.

Cat pranks: A cat prank for all

Ever seen how a cat reacts if you put something on his face? If it is wet, cold, and flexible, it is even better. You can also try with some piece of cloth. Hey, but keep in mind that if it is a piece of ham, you will probably not get it back.

Cat pranks: Plush attack!

Cats always love to play and especially if it is with you, their human. You are thinking of many ways to prank the furry fella, aren’t you? Try luring your cat with a nice cat plush close to his own size, but not bigger.  As he picks up valor and approaches you and the plush, pick up a big one and you will get a running kittie or one that will have picked up too much valor and attack. Either way, it will be fun for both of you!

Cat pranks: The food is moving!

We found this cat prank out there and we loved it! Think of a plate with bacon in it, placed on a treadmill. When your cat steps on the band and begins to sniff the bacon and is about to give it a bite, just start the treadmill. It will be fun to see what his reaction is. Now, be careful not to start the band too fast as you might end up hurting your cat. As always, keep the reward for the end.

It is great to have fun times with your cat and pranking him in ways that will not hurt him or traumatize him make for great bonding. Here in Dogalize, we want you to have the best experience bringing up your kittie. We have plenty of resources for you to become a top pet owner. Visit us to learn more.