Schwarzschild’s Cat: What in The World is That?!

Schwarzschild's Cat

Schwarzschild’s Cat: What in The World is That?!

Schwarzschild’s Cat – Have you heard of Schwarzschild’s Cat? Probably not. In fact, you will probably not hear about it anywhere else but here!

Now, brace yourself because it might be a difficult concept to explain. First, if you have never heard of Einstein’s general relativity, go ahead and learn it. Just kidding! Here we go.

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Schwarzschild’s Cat: the Schwarzschild’s Radius

Err, we were probably a little right about the whole Physics thing. Don’t worry, we will put this concept as easy as possible.

Ok, it is not really that easy. So, think of gravity. Yep, that force that keeps you on your feet. Well, it turns out that this force happens between any two bodies. That is right! There is a gravitational force between you and your computer. But it is very tiny.

Now, the planets, the Sun, the Moon, and all celestial bodies are really big! Just imagine a star! So these guys exert gravity by affecting the space around them. Think of you stepping on a bed. You bend the bed down, and if there was a ball close to where you stood, you will probably attract it towards you.

That is how gravity works. Or, sorta.

Schwarzschild’s radius is the distance into space that a body effects. It is proportional to the mass. This means that the bigger the body, the greater this radius. The opposite is also true.

So, there is a critical point in which a body’s radius is smaller than it’s Schwarzschild’s radius. This, my friends, is a black hole. So, it is weird.

Schwarzschild’s Cat: Now, to The Scharzschild’s Cat

The Schwarzschild’s cat is a comic that basically states that the smaller cat, the cuter it is. But then, there is a point at which the cat is so small, it becomes imperceptible. So the Schwarzschild’s cat is that “equation.”

It is actually a joke an nothing to be taken seriously. But then, how do you use it?

Well, the smaller the cat, the cuter it is. But the point at which this cat becomes impossibly cute, it becomes invisible. Or something like that. Got it?

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