Curious cats: why do Felines behave this way?

curious cats

Curious cats – You know how they say that curiosity killed the cat. But, actually, it is this curiosity that keeps him safe. Perhaps you do not know your cat as being nosey about everything but then, they are. So, why are cats so curious?

Well, this has to do with instinct and survival. A cat needs to always know what is going on around him to better respond and protect himself. Now, that would explain why a cat is said to have nine lives!

Let’s explore some reasons for why are cats so curious.

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Curious cats: A natural instinct

Curious cats – When the Egyptians domesticated the cat (Cat breeds: the Egyptian Mau), they were able to get rid of most traits that made them feral. But there are instincts that are so ingrained that they are still passed on from generation to generation.

In general, a cat is scanning the place and assessing their environment for preys and predators. Some veterinarians believe that cats’ love to hide in boxes is related to their tendency to hide from predators.

Cats love to check out boxes because they remind them of hiding spots and vantage points of their ancestors. These are small spaces where large animals cannot reach them. Also, they offer the protection they need from predators.

Curious cats: Hunting

Curious cats – Getting inside boxes also obeys to a cat’s natural desire to stay in the hide to surprise their prey. If your cat is pawing for a place to hide, this is his curiosity helping him get the meal of the day.

Curious cats: cats are curious about us

Curious cats – Have you ever noted how your cat sometimes stares at you like checking out your every detail? To cats, this is their territory and since you are in it, they are fascinated about what you do. They love to see everything we do and how we do it. This helps them better respond to our actions.

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