Davide Ballardini, the Coach and Family Man

davide ballardini

Not many know about coach Davide Ballardini and certainly not much about his personal life. Since this coach is not necessarily a world-famous celebrity, very little is known about him. Does he own any pets? What is his life like?  What does he do on his free time?

Since our concern here is about dogs, that is where we will place our focus. We will try to find out if he owns any pets.

A Short Bio of Davide Ballardini

Davide Ballardini was born on January 6, 1964, in Ravenna, Italy. This 55-year-old coach played as a midfielder in Cesena. He managed Genoa as of last year and probably still does as we have not heard any news indicating otherwise.

He has managed several teams of the Italian local league (Calcio Serie A), and some others from the Serie B.

His Personal Life

Not very much is known about David Bellardini’s personal life. He was born in Raveena, a province located on the northeast of Italy.

He has three kids, all of which are footballers. Leo Natale (1990) played in the role of striker for Igea Virtus. Elia (1991) is a striker for Virtus Entella. Then there’s Erik (1995) midfielder in the Cesena youth ranks.

Does Davide Ballardini own Any Pets?

Pets make great companions when you are a coach. Unfortunately, we do not have any evidence of Ballardini owning any. However, we can assume that he probably does. How can we tell this?

We can deduce from his career and his personality that he would make a great pet owner. Built with the character required in a coach, he would definitely train a dog, for instance, with the strong hand required. If you get to see him with a pet, please share it with us so we can confirm.

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