Devil’s Claw: Joint and Arthritis Treatment in Dogs

devil's claw

Devil’s Claw – As dogs age, things do not function the way they used to. Degenerative arthritis and osteoarthritis are two common conditions that can worsen with years. Thankfully, Devil’s claw is an herb that has been proven to not only reduce pain and inflammation but actually slow down the degeneration.

What is Devil’s Claw?

Devil’s claw is a plant belonging to the sesame family. It has been proven effective against joint pain and inflammation. It promotes joint mobility and helps ease the pain caused by arthritic conditions.

The plant is originally from Madagascar and southern Africa. The Khoisan peoples of the Kalahari Desert in Southafrica and Namibia have been using it to treat pain and pregnancy complications.

Besides being an effective therapy for the treatment of stiff joints, people also use the Devil’s claw root for the treatment of rheumatism, loss of appetite, fever, myalgia, tendonitis, liver and gallbladder issues, and gastrointestinal problems.

Devil’s Claw: the benefits for Your Dog

When applied to your dog, the following are some of the benefits he will get.

  • Reduces the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Modulates the immune system
  • Reduces the degenerative effects of osteoarthritis.

What’s in Devil’s Claw?

There is a group of drugs known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Devil’s claw acts differently from those. It contains iridoid glycosides, a group of compounds known to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Its active compound, harpagoside is changed into another substance when it enters the dog’s body. This new compound, harpagogenin, is probably the active ingredient that reduces the inflammation associated with arthritis.

In  Devil’s Claw what Dose?

There is not really a specific dose that will work on your pooch. You should start with a low dose to keep things safe. You maybe want to start 250 mg capsule per day for a small dog. Try 500 mg per day for a medium dog, and above 1000 mg capsule per day for the bigger dog.

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