Dog shock collar: important rules when using it

dog shock collar

Dog shock collar – A dog shock collar is a device that sends some click and electric shock to a dog to signal something.  They are used to help train a dog (dog training).  It works with batteries and it is intended to give the dog a small shock whenever he engages in unwanted behavior to deter him from repeating such action.

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At some point, its use has been a topic of debate.  But if you find yourself in the need of using a dog shock collar, you must understand that there is a rather thin line between using it for training and being merely inhumane.

The collar is intended to help you train the dog positively by summoning commands even if he can´t see or hear you.

Advocates of The Dog Shock Collar

Dog shock collar – Those who favor the use of the collar state that the electric pulse is pretty tiny and it does not hurt the dog, it merely causes a little discomfort.   They also argue that the collar can give the dog more freedom as the owner no longer needs to carry the dog on a leash.

There is also a debate on what kind of dogs should use a dog shock collar.  Many believe that this should only be used for dogs with behavior problems.

Arguments Against The Dog Shock Collar

Dog shock collar – Those that stand against the collar state that there is a high chance of misusing and abusing it.  Just imagine if a playing toddler grabs one accidentally.

Also, those who oppose it argue that there are other methods of training that are equally effective.

Tips to use it Properly

Dog shock collar – If you have chosen this method to train your dog, you must use it responsibly and remember that its purpose is to train the dog, never to punish him.

  • Read the instructions carefully before putting it on your dog.
  • Place the batteries and make sure that they both work on the transmitter and the collar.
  • Make sure that both work before putting the collar on your dog.  Always place it in low power and lower settings when putting it.
  • Attach the collar to your dog, making sure the prongs make contact with his skin.  Make sure these do not feel uncomfortable on your pet.
  • Do not use the collar right away.  Allow at least a week before you start training.
  • Begin with the lowest setting and observe your dog when you activate it.  If the dog does not respond to it, move to the next level until you get a response.
  • Start with commands he already knows.  For example, tell him to sit.  If he is not paying attention, press the button on the transmitter and repeat.
  • Praise your dog when he obeys your commands.

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