Katy Perry’s kitten: a match made in heaven

Katy Perry's kitten

Katy Perry’s kitten – It sounds like the title of a movie. Or perhaps a book about love and care. Because that is exactly what there is between Katy Perry and her cat, conveniently called Kitty Purry.

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Katy Perry’s kitten: Katy Perry and her Cats

Katy Perry’s kitten – Kitty Purry is only one of three cats owned by the celebrity. But this one is her sidekick and, from her own words, better than a boyfriend.

“I’m a bit obsessed with my cat. She’s my substitute boyfriend. It’s really amusing that I can’t run for supper with somebody and not be sleeping with them. That is one of the uncalled for things. I have iChat dates, those are enjoyable.”

Katy Perry’s kitten: Who is Kitty Purry

Katy Perry’s kitten – You would think that Katy Perry’s cat, who is actually named after a game of words with his owner’s name, is a special cat. But what makes him so special? He was even nominated for a Teen Choice Award as “best celebrity feline”.

What makes this cat so special is that he likes to sleep and withstands hairstyles Katy likes to make on him. Oh, well, and the fact that he belongs to Katy Perry.

It is not easy to determine what is Kitty Purry’s exact breed but he can be placed to be a descendant of a Maine Coon. This is a well-known cat breed in the United States.

Katy has a tattoo of Hello Kitty on her on the side of her right middle finger. This she does to celebrate her own cat and the fictional character.

Katy Perry’s kitten: Cuddling Here, There, Everywhere

Katy Perry’s kitten – We are not sure if Kitty enjoys all the hugs and tampering, but we do know that this cat is not lacking any bit of love. Kitty Purry is a celebrity of his own and a social media sensation. You can see in all the photos how much Katy adores her pet.

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