Rihanna puppies: a great love for her pets

rihanna puppies

Rihanna puppies – Yes, Rihanna has a good reason to celebrate every Mother’s Day. She totally spoils this Maltipoo pup that makes her feel like a mommy. Every time she gets the chance, she cuddles with Oliver, her Maltese-Poodle mix.

Rihanna puppies – The Story of a Casual Encounter

This is one of those stories where you stop and say, “This could have not been anything else but destiny.” Rihanna tells that, in 2015, she was at 1OAK in West Hollywood.  In the bathroom, this cute little fella sees her and runs towards her.

That was it. It was love at first sight. Without hesitation, RiRi decides to keep the dog. He is now Pepe, Rihanna’s other pup, Oliver’s, brother. Now, are you wondering how did Pepe get to a bathroom in West Hollywood? Only heaven knows.

Who is Oliver the Maltipoo?

Maltipoos are cute small dogs that shed very little. They are considered hypoallergenic for this reason. These dogs are a cross between Maltese and Poodle.

Meet Oliver, Rihanna’s Maltipoo and eternal companion. You have seen this pup walking next to the Barbados star almost everywhere. If you have, you also noted that Oliver has the tendency of misbehaving. He barks, whines, and chews everywhere. Like if he were not getting all the action he needed!

There is no better action than this one! But then this dog is one with an attitude. His owner has declared that he has found him peeing close to her clothes whenever he is upset with her.

It all goes away with a cuddle and a hug. Oliver enjoys the lush live of his owner’s Barbados home. He currently lives with Rihanna and her best friend Melissa Forde. Just like any celebrity dog, he gets to enjoy the attention and spotlight. The singer got Oliver in 2007.

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