Selena Gomez: she just Can’t Have Enough Dogs

Selena Gomez

Selena  Gomez – Last time we checked, she had at least six dogs living with her. It’s just that when it comes to rescuing dogs, Selena Gomez just wants to save the world. There is no doubt that Selena really loves dogs.

We all know about Selena’s on and off past relationship with Justin Bieber. Or about her celebrity BFF, Taylor Swift, or her almost-sister Francia Raisa, who gave her a kidney. Today we will be looking at her love for dogs!

Selena  GomezAdopt, Don’t Buy

Selena  Gomez – This American sweetheart has won over our hearts because she is a rescue mom. Of course, we love her on TV, cinema, her music, and her entire persona too.

She has all the money to spend on expensive breed dogs. But she has taken a different path. Selena Gomez has decided to adopt his dogs (dogs for adoption).

All of the dogs in her household are adopted. Her rationale?  She says it makes sense to get a rescue dog since there are so many out there in need of a loving home. It makes perfect sense to us too.

Selena  GomezWhy All This Love?

Selena  Gomez – When you learn that Selena grew up in an area with lots of abandoned animals, it is not a surprise that she feels the need to rescue them.

In this way, Selena Gomez has a wide variety of pups that she has provided a home to. They all come from different backgrounds but are together under one roof.

One of her dogs, Willie, was abandoned by his owner when he moved out. Selena’s stepfather found him and took him to an asylum. When Selena knew he was going to be euthanized, she took him in.

He then joined in the other dogs. Selena is definitively our hero.

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