Cat collar: is it ok to attach a bell on felix

cat collar

Cat collar – To do or not to do. That is the question. Some people might wonder if it is a good idea to attach a cat collar with bell to their cats (cat collars types). Well, it definitively has its pros and cons.

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Ultimately, it is your and your cat’s decision if attaching a bell to the cat’s collar is the best for you or not. We will give you the pros and cons of placing a cat collar with bell on your cat.

Pros of attaching a Cat Collar with Bell to your Cat

Cat collar – A bell attached to a cat collar has its functions. The following are some good reasons to put a bell on:

  • By installing a bell, you ensure that your cat is not too successful at hunting. So, no more dead mice and birds in your home. Besides that, it has been proven that the majority of a cat’s kills are just for fun, which is not good for endangered bird species.
  • A cat bell can help locate your cat more easily. Unlike dogs, cats are silent pets so a bell might be useful to help find him in case he gets lost.

Cons of attaching a Cat Collar with Bell to your Cat

Cat collar – Now, let’s take a look at the mishaps of placing a bell on your cat’s collar.

  • Just imagine having to hear the sound of a bell everytime you move. It would drive you crazy at some point. Just like that, the constant tolling of a bell will be annoying and might cause stress on your feline and even on you.
  • The cat might try to chew off the bell, posing a hazard for her.

You have the final word on whether to put a bell on your cat or not. Think of your cat and his interest first.

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