Changes in cat behavior: What could be Causing Them?

Changes in cat behavior: What could be Causing Them?

Changes in cat behavior

Cats are not exactly an ode to expressiveness. But when there is a change in their mood, we can easily pick it up. Changes in cat behavior always have a reason and most of the time have to do with some medical issue.

Other times, it could be some little changes in their environment or an event taking place that cause changes in cat behavior.

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Changes in cat behavior to watch out for

It is important that you know what is your cat’s normal behavior. Once you know this, you will be able to easily identify changes and raise the flag.

The following are the most common changes in behavior you should be alert about:

  • Changes in eating behavior. There is a problem if your cat is not eating or not eating as usual in the usual time. This could indicate some dental problem, stress, and might be accompanied with vomiting and lethargy;
  • Aggressive behavior. Your once peacefully furry one is now attacking everyone and everything. Acting aggressively towards toys can be considered normal but when it escalates, it could mean there is something going on;
  • Elimination behavior changes. When your cat has lost his good elimination habits, he is probably stressed, afraid or is simply not happy with the cleanliness of his litter;
  • Scratching behavior changes. Scratching is a normal cat behavior, but if they are doing more often and in different spots, this could indicate a stress problem;
  • Grooming behavior changes. Cats groom all the time, themselves and others. If your cat has stopped grooming himself, this could be a sign of an illness. This could be obesity or other diseases affecting the bones and muscle.

What to do if I observe changes in cat behavior

The first thing you should do is scratch all those things that you believe could be causing your cat’s upsetting behavior. Next, call the veterinarian so that he can provide a better course of action by examining the cat for any behavior.

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