Climate change affects cats and dogs: how?

Climate change affects cats and dogs

Climate change affects cats and dogs

According to experts, climate change has created better conditions for the development of fleas and ticks. You have probably noticed that in the past we did not need to worry about them but now we more frequently hear about pets being affected. Climate change affects cats and dogs negatively like this. Some pets have died from Lyme disease caused by a tick. Owners are now more vigilant of their pet for ticks and fleas.

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Ways in which climate change affects cats and dogs

Countries near the tropics and warmer areas have always dealt with ticks and fleas as the temperatures in these places are adequate for the growth of these tiny critters. In places where winters are usually cold have been experiencing warmer winters.

This creates a better environment for these pests to develop. Fleas and ticks are adapting by growing smaller, reducing the reproduction cycle, and eating more. Some places would only face these situations during the summer months, but we are now seeing Lyme disease cases come up in the middle of winter.

The growth of mosquitoes has also evolved in such a way that they have expanded their habitat. The perfect conditions for mosquito growth are met when there are humidity and heat. Basically, what they need is some rain and then some warm sun.

What can you do as a responsible owner?

There are ways in which you can contribute to lessening the way climate change affects cats and dogs. However, you do need to keep an eye on your pet. If there is a preventive medication that you used to apply to your cat or dog only during summer days, you probably want to use it all year round.

Preventing is certainly better than having to deal with an infestation for weeks. Of course, the best way to fight this is to target the cause. It has to do with being responsible world citizens.

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