Dog Tail: some cool facts and things you might not know

Dog tail

Dog tail – A dog tail is actually an amazing part of their anatomy. It is considered an extension of their spine and it actually has several useful functions. The first thing that comes to mind regarding a dog tail is why it waggles.

Check out these cool facts about the wiggly tail of your dog.

Dog Tail: what does it signal

If a dog is rapidly swishing his tail from side to side, this is a friendly and unchallenging sign. He is being friendly and you see this very commonly on your pooch when you arrive back home from a long day.

A slight wag when meeting someone new is a sign of being aloof. The dog is testing the water to see if you are trustworthy.

When the dog tail is sitting high and moving back and forth, this can be a sign of threat.

Dog Tail: No Wagging When No One Watches

Studies have revealed that dogs only wag their tail as a show to humans. Pretty much like a cat’s meow, dogs will only use their tail wagging to communicate with others. A sad dog will not wag.

Dogs begin this communication when they are around 45 days. Puppies will practice this communication with their mother and siblings.

Why do Dogs Chase Their Tales?

There are several reasons for this. It could be curiosity, an exercise, or just for fun. The truth is that dogs usually do not get a sight of their tails. So, when they accidentally do, they consider it a strange body. It is their natural predator instinct.

If you notice that your dog is doing it excessively, check for fleas!

A Dog Tail Helps Them to Balance

Athletic breeds use the tail to help them balance and switch from one place to the other. Even those dogs that have docked tails can use them to counter-balance when they run, leap or turn.

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