Loving Pets: Lady Gaga and her passion for pets

loving pets

Loving pets – We have seen Lady Gaga come a long way from that bizarre young woman who was killing it everywhere. We now see a more mature woman that, not having enough with selling millions of records, is now making it big at Hollywood now.

But no matter how many awards or lights she gets, there is one thing that will never change. That is the love for her pets. How about we take another look at how Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta lives with her loving pets?

Loving Pets: Asia, the French Bulldog

The first pet we heard about was Asia, a cute French Bulldog that has her own Instagram page. This black put has been Gaga’s companion for many years. Given the lush life Asia gets, we can think that she will be living a lot longer.

Asia has been with Gaga since 2014. Since then, she has been Lady Gaga’s great companion. Born in February 2014, Asia Kinney enjoys the lavish life that most of us only dream of.  She is basically a celebrity dog that knows nothing shorter than that.

She has appeared on magazine covers with Lady Gaga and travels with her almost everywhere she goes. Did we mention that Asia’s Instagram account is verified?

Loving Pets: Koji and Gustave

The other French bulldogs Lady Gaga enjoys are her other two bulldogs, Koji and Gustave, (formerly known as Moopig or Cowpig, we presume!). These are just as great pets as Asia.

Lady Gaga enjoys grooming them and dressing them up. Last Halloween, she dressed both of them and they had a blast. There is no doubt that these dogs are part of Lady Gaga’s life.

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