Trimming dog nails: Why is it Necessary and How to Do It

Trimming dog nails

Trimming dog nails – When it comes to trimming dog nails, it is not a favorite time for both the pup and the owner. Dogs do not like to have their feet touched, so this might be a stressful situation for both of you (Why do dogs bite their Nails?)

However, you can turn the tide through training your dog to stay put and to even hand over his paw.

Trimming dog nails: Why are Long Toenails not Good?

Dogs do not love to get heir toenails trimmed. But little they know that they need to get them trimmed and it is for their own good. Long toenails will hit the floor, producing pressure on a dog’s nail bed. Over time this will end up taking a toll on your canine.

You do not want to have your pooch walking around on painful feet. Good luck trying to grab swelling.

Another issue with long toenails is the fact that he needs contact with the soil to identify where he is standing. His brain is instinctively programmed to understand the inclination of terrain by relying on his toenail contact with the soil. This will determine his posture.

If toenails are too long, they will touch the soil. Toenails report him being on a hill and make the dog acquire an unnecessary hill posture. Since the hill is not real, a necessary compensation is needed with his hind legs to avoid face plant.

Dogs who get their hind legs overworked like this tend to get their leg muscles and joints overused and painful.

Trimming dog nails: How to Cut Dog Nails Properly

It’s ok if you cannot trim all of your dog nails at once. You can do it in parts. Don’t try to force it on your dog or else you will make the experience less pleasant than necessary.

  1. Hold his paw steady but gently.
  2. Very carefully, use a guillotine or scissor-type clippers and cut a small portion at a 45-degree angle. If you see white on the surroundings with a black dot in it, you can keep cutting.
  3. Be careful not to cut the quick or else you will literally have a bloody mess. Trim your dog nails every three weeks.

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