Cat Separation Anxiety: What to do About it

Cat Separation Anxiety: What to do About it

Cat Separation Anxiety

Although it seems hard to believe, our feline friends can also suffer cat separation anxiety. But actually, a dislike in being alone is very common in cats. This is usually seen when the cat is temporarily separated from his human or other pet with which it has developed a strong bond.

The very first sign you see of cat separation anxiety is when you note that a cat insists on following his owner everywhere he goes. When the owner is getting ready to leave, he might hide and sulk. When the owner returns, he shows special enthusiasm.

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What are the causes of cat separation anxiety?

There is no concrete cause for separation anxiety in cats. It could be an acquired behavior or something genetic. Keep in mind that cats are social animals and they roam in packs. Cats who are orphaned as kitties of weaned very young have a higher chance of suffering from separation anxiety.

Signs of cat separation anxiety

You should be able to identify signs that indicate that your cat will miss you like you don’t know. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Distress when the owner starts to prepare for departure;
  • Following the owner around the house;
  • Elimination issues. A cat will usually pee where it is no appropriate and in some cases, even defecate;
  • Vomiting in cats only when the owner is absent;
  • Anorexia because the cat is too anxious to eat;
  • Destructive behavior. Some cats scratch door surfaces in an attempt to try to escape.

What should you do?

Consider the following tips to help your cat stay at ease while you leave him behind.

The first thing you should do is rule out any medical condition that you might be confusing with separation anxiety. Here are some other quick tips.

  • Change your departure ritual a little bit;
  • Around 15 minutes before leaving, ignore the cat before leaving;
  • Make the cat’s environment more appealing.

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