Kittie will not stop meowing: 5 reasons why

kittie will not stop meowing

Kittie will not stop meowing – If your cat won’t stop meowing you should be in alert. There might even be some medical reasons for all that cat excessive meowing. Check out what those reasons are and what to do about it.

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Kittie will not stop meowing: That cat excessive meowing could mean a thyroid issue

Hyperthyroidism in cats displays a series of symptoms. Some of these symptoms include weight loss, excessive activity, and vocalization in excess. This condition is typical in older cats. If your cat is meowing excessively and the other symptoms check out, take your feline to the veterinarian immediately.

Kittie will not stop meowing: a cat excessive meowing means she is in heat

Yep, when your cat wants babies put in her, she will make this sharp eerie meow like she is in pain. Of course, this only happens in cats that have not been spayed. When your cat is in heat and you pet her near the rump, you will get this sway-back position and pleasurable purr.

Kittie will not stop meowing: your cat is getting old

Feline cognitive dysfunction or cat dementia is real and it basically represents senility in your cat. This senility includes several symptoms that might leave your cats disoriented. In response, your cat will meow, yowl, and wail. Cat excessive meowing here then indicates that your cat is having altered sleep cycles, he is sleeping more and is becoming more irritable.

Kittie will not stop meowing: your cat is lonely or bored

Cats can get bored and feel lonely. Especially single cats that are very closely attached to their owners or caretakers, will meow when left alone. It usually occurs when you go to bed; she will continuously meow until you respond or she gets tired. One solution for this is to get another cat.

Kittie will not stop meowing: your cat might be in pain

Cats are tough and they usually do not go around telling everyone they are in pain. But when they are truly hurting, then they will call out.

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