Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats

Small cats list

Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats

Small cats list – The best list of beautiful small cats. Munchkin, Devon rex, American Curl, Burmese, Cornish Rex, Singapura. Characteristics and behavior.

They say that the best things come in small packages. We have some small cats to prove that. They are adorable and huggable. But don’t hug them as they do not seem to like it!

Cats inspire tenderness and love. In particular, because of their size, small cats arouse even more tenderness. With their paws and small muzzles, these cats are really adorable and unstoppable.

Find out together with us the stories and characteristics of the most beautiful little cats.

Check out this list of six breeds of small cats that are too cute to be true.

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Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats


Of course we included the Munchkin here! This stubby-legged furball is worthy of all your hugs and kisses. The short legs in these cats are caused by an autosomal dominant gene that causes the bones on their legs to grow smaller.

This makes them have this nice pose and extraordinary gait.

The origins of this is around 1983 when Sandra Hockenedel found a short-legged pregnant cat. This breed is born from the crossing of this female with one of her male pups. In 2003 it obtained the Championship class recognition.

Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is one of those cats that are so ugly they are cute. Maybe they are not a worthy member of this list. But when you see one, it is so exotic that it is a head turner.

His neck is gawky and looks like toddler chicks. Plus, his ears are oversized. Then, when you realize how cute these kitties are and so deserving of love, you cannot help but grab one to hug!

This cat is related to the Cornish Rex, which is another adorable small cat.

Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats

American Curl

No list of small cats is complete without the American Curl. He is considered the “Peter Pan” of the cat world due to his forever-young personality. He is one that likes to stay in the action and has a deep people-loving personality.

So maybe this one might let you hug him. But just a little bit.

American Curl Cat is a strong cat, of robust size, soft fur, which enjoys good health. It is a cat coming from the United States of America and exists both with long-haired and short-haired.

Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats


Simply captivating, this beautiful cat is characterized by his large honey eyes. His rounded head covered with a deep sable fur makes you turn and not look away.

Burmese cat, is an American cat that nowadays is widespread throughout the world. It is a cat with a very particular appearance that was initially only brown. Today this cat can be found in red, blue, lilac, cream, tortie, fawn and cinnamon.

Burmese cat is a very elegant and muscular cat. The build is not light and slender but not even excessively strong like that of many European cats.  Furthermore, there is a semi-long hair variety called Tiffany

Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex are fascinating felines without external fur. These cats are equipped with a thin hair which resembles small feathers facing downwards. They weigh a maximum of 4 kg.

The Cornish Rex is a cat with a beautiful short and curly hair. It is a cat native to Cornwall, England. The first Cornish Rex was born in 1950 from a tricoloured cat. The suffix Rex originates from a specimen of a english rabbit with a curly hair. Subsequently, this tricoloured cat was coupled also with the Cornish, generating a variant with smooth hair. Therefore, there are two different genetic mutations.

Small cats list: the cutest and most adorable small cats


If you really love small cats, perhaps the Singapura should be at the top of your list. This cat breed does not grow past its kitten size. They have big eyes, big ears and are really smart.

The Singapura cat is officially made in the USA.

This cat, born on a journey from Singapore to the United States of America, from an American couples who noticed beautiful cats of pleasant shapes while they were in Singapore. They decided to take them home as a souvenir and then make a new beautiful and exotic breed.

What’s your favorite small cat? Munchkin? Devon rex? American Curl? Burmese? Cornish Rex? Or the Singapura?

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