Feeling Blue Lately?: Take a Look at a Smiling Dog

Feeling Blue Lately?: Take a Look at a Smiling Dog

Smiling Dog

Smiling dog – Let´s be honest. Is there anything more effective at cheering you up than a smiling dog?  Ha! Probably not. Watching a dog grin at you is probably one of the funniest and cute events for dog owners. You hear them all the time, “my dog has the cutest smile“, or “but of course he is smiling, he is so happy!

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Check Out Some Pictures

All you need to do is go and check out some smiling dog pictures. That should be enough to brighten up your day. In fact, be warned. You might wind up wanting a pooch yourself if you don´t have one already. It’s just that you decided that you want nothing more than to have a smiling dog waiting for you at home every day.

This is in fact true. We have heard stories of dogs who melted the hearts of potential owners with their smiles. It was like love at first sight… or smile. So somebody should tell dogs to practice on those grins to lure families into adopting them!

Why do Dogs Smile?

But what does science have to say about that smiling dog that warms your heart every day showing off his predator’s teeth? Studies about neurological activities comparison between humans and dogs have proved that dogs are actually capable of manifesting emotions.

This means that a dog can physically express when he is relaxed and content. When a dog feels relaxed and realizes that he can trust those around him, he will usually relax his muzzles. This turns into an open mouth, tongue out, and the corners of his mouth lift up, making it appear as an actual smile.

So, it is probably not wrong to assume that the dog is smiling out of happiness. However, some experts warn that this “grin” is not always what it seems. A dog having an open mouth, friendly eyes, and tongue out does not mean he is smiling in the way we think of a smile. If this is mistakenly interpreted as a smile, it could end up in a bad canine encounter.

This is why it is important that you read a dog’s body language and always ask its owner if it is ok to pet him. This might save you from a bite or two. In Dogalize we want to help you become a good dog reader. We have all the information and resources you need to get there. Join our awesome community today and become the pet owner your dog deserves.